vac truck for saleA vacuum truck is known for being a vital part of septic equipment, as it is used to clean out messy substances and debris from sewers and storm drains. Occasionally, a vac truck for sale can be used during emergency cleanup operations for oil spills as the equipment is not picky about what material to suction including fuel; its powerful suction ensures that the job can get done within the required time frame.

What is a Vacuum Truck?

A vacuum truck is a heavy duty vehicle that suctions massive amounts of air from a confined space by using a pump to pull air and create a vacuum to draw material to a holding tank. A hose is connected to the opposite end of the tank and rapid air flow is used to remove the debris and get it through a narrow hose. This primary equipment is mounted on a standard truck chassis and power for the pump is provided by the truck’s engine.

A Real-Life Remediated Oil Spill

The role of a vac truck for sale to remediate oil spills is immeasurable. Although it is common to hear about oil spills and leaks in the sea, such catastrophes can also happen on land. As an example, in July of 2011 a 30-inch diameter crude oil transport pipe connected from Griffith, Indiana to Sarnia, Ontario, Canada ruptured near a pump station at Marshal, Michigan.

The spill area was close to a creek and a river, with the pipe leaking out 20,000 barrels – it had the potential to be a serious environmental disaster. On top of that, the river fed into a lake and hydroelectric plant downstream, making any cleanup efforts a race against time. To best handle the spill and prevent the spread of crude oil, the remediation contracting company relied heavily on the services of vacuum trucks.

A dozen 3,000-gallon and two 6,000-gallon capacity vacuum trucks were positioned at the creek and river to remove the mixture of crude oil and water funneled by containment booms near the shore. The mixture collected from the vacuum trucks was put into bulk tankers and taken to treatment facilities for processing and the crude oil was sent to another facility for processing.

With 6 vacuum trucks working in 12-hour shifts, it was possible to remove 275,000 gallons of water and crude oil and the remediation was considered a success. The contamination did not reach the lake and in four months time, clear water flowed again through the creek and the river.

Remediation Advantages

Vacuum trucks are able to quickly suction an oil spill thanks to a powerful vacuum pump that can generate 5,300 cfm which allows it to suction crude oil and water more rapidly than any other available means. It can handle all different types of debris including caustic liquids such as crude oil, water, and even more solid rubble, sand, and dirt to ensure a thorough removal of any unwanted liquid. Because the pumping equipment is mounted on a truck chassis, it can easily access any portion of a creek and river exposed to such a hazard.

A vac truck for sale isn’t just for simple drain and sewer maintenance; it can also participate in critical tasks such as oil spill remediation. When such a disaster happens, it is god to know that vacuum trucks can be used quickly and efficiently to hopefully eliminate the potential risks to the environment!

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