ctsvactruckssmallWhen vacuum trucks are used, it is very important to look at safety above everything else. Dangers such as fire resulting from a violent release of static electricity could happen while transferring material if safety is disregarded. To prevent such an incident from happening, a grounded vacuum truck needs frequent hose tests so there is not a discharge of static electricity. The importance of this test could save lives and keep a business running. So when looking at a vac truck for sale, it is important to know the preventive measures that should be taken regarding static spark discharges.

Reasons For Static Discharges

Static electricity discharges can happen anytime when transporting combustible materials or flammable fluid with a pumper truck. It is vital to learn the reasons why static sparks happen with pumper truck for sale conduit tubing. Here are three of the most common reasons.

  • Usage – Incorrect use of standard non-conductive hose while pumping materials to or from the vehicle.
  • Static Ground Connection – Connecting hoses to the vehicle without a secure static ground connection.
  • Condition – Using hose that is in poor condition and will not stay connected during normal operation.

Continuity Check

Prior to every operation, an electrical continuity test of the hose from the nozzle to the back of the tank should be done. This act can ensure electrical continuity of the entire hose and the connection to the back of the truck so that any static electrical discharge will have an appropriate path to the ground. The path is essential to be sure that no serious damage will happen to the hose which could lead to an explosion or life-threatening damage near workers or property. To do the test correctly, the following steps should be taken.

  • Follow Instructions – Before doing an electrical continuity test, check manufacturer instructions to determine the right steps to follow and any additional instructions on conducting such a test.
  • Use Correct Meter – Use a multimeter or calibrated ohmmeter to conduct the examination and measure electrical resistance.
  • Review Results – Review the actual results and if not within manufacturer’s specifications, re-install the coupling to be sure that ground wire is touching the couplings.
  • Retest if Necessary – Retest the assembly to be sure that it is within the accepted standards.
  • Document Results – Document the outcome and tag the hosing assembly.

The hose that is recommended as safe to use in a potentially combustible environment has metal wire helix sandwiched between layers of the tubing. This is the best hose to use for vacuum and tanker trucks.

Hose connections on a vac truck for sale are a vital tool in moving hazardous and dangerous material that could produce static discharges resulting in the ignition of a fire. It is important to ensure that hoses are not losing electrical continuity and also have verified static ground connections during operation to prevent static electricity discharges. When frequent hose testing is done, hose problems can be detected early and corrected to avoid the risk of static electricity discharges.

Performing preventive maintenance on all hoses that could produce static electricity when transferring flammable liquid or combustible material is important to safe operations. When purchasing a pumper truck for sale, checking the hoses ahead of time will ensure that a wise purchase decision is made!

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