In the pumping business, having the right vacuum or pumper truck is vital. Available in so many types and sizes, when looking for vac trucks for sale serious consideration must be given to planned usage for the vehicle as some jobs put more stress on the equipment than others. Industrial vacuum trucks are tough; however, proper care and maintenance must be given to keep them working for a long time.

Consider Job Needs

If a vacuum truck is heard working, the first image is of a septic pumping job – the work primarily done with this vehicle; yet there are many more jobs that can be done with the help of a good vacuum truck. There is such a wide variance in chassis, tank, and pump size – including pumping out portable potties, transporting chemicals, and sucking up sand, gravel or other solids – usage must be determined before looking at vac trucks for sale.

Although many units look the same, the differences in tank construction, pump power, and even truck engine size can make them very different. Being underpowered is bad for the machinery and can cause excess wear and tear on expensive parts; yet being overpowered is wasteful as far as top efficiency is concerned.

Pump – The Heart of a Vacuum Truck

Whether siphoning or ejecting, the pump is the main and most delicate part of any vacuum truck; so buying the right size for work to be done will ensure longer pump life. The best choice in pump and pump size is a vehicle with a tried-and-true pump brand, as aftermarket brands may not last as long. Typically, pumps on vac trucks for sale are available from less than 50 CFM to over 450 CFM according to tank capacity and material being pumped. A 450 CFM pump is a significant addition to any heavy-duty vac truck, used primarily to clean up heavy, dry material such as gravel or heavy wet material such as oilfield mud. Just keep in mind, a larger pump does not necessarily work better if it is too large for the tank.

Tank – Specifics Do Matter

The other major consideration in the specialized equipment on any vac truck for sale is tank size and construction. Generally available in steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, tank choice will depend on the intended contents. Regular steel tanks are strong but corrode quickly; aluminum doesn’t corrode and is lighter but cannot hold up like a steel tank. Based on different jobs and truck chassis size, estimate needs to buy the right tanks.

Chassis – An Important Factor

Chassis size and weight is another important factor, especially since tank size and weight as well as load weight must be considered. Generally, if a stronger pump is necessary, the tank should be larger; if a larger tank is needed, the chassis should be larger. Massive, heavy-duty, and combination vac trucks for sale dwarf typical septic service ones and for good reason – to have enough power.

There are definitely a lot of details to take into consideration when thinking of looking at vac trucks for sale to increase a fleet or replace older models. Since each decision weighs partly on all the other ones, it is essential to know ahead of time how the vehicle will specifically be used and from there, learn the minimum specifications that will be needed – all part of learning about industrial vacuum trucks!

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