The vacuum truck is a unique type of heavy equipment. While its function of collecting liquid material is pretty basic, the way it does its job is definitely unique. Unlike other equipment that relies upon direct mechanical manipulation, a vac truck for sale does its job using negative pressure.

There is no direct force involved using a vacuum truck’s components as it relies on the absence of pressure to create movement. Because of this feature, it can easily suction just about any debris of varying consistencies in a short period of time. It can clear out liquids, muck, and even dry debris as long as it can fit through the suction hose.


So, one may wonder how this equipment is able to create a negative pressure that is powerful enough to suction anything in its path. The answer lies in its parts.

  • Chassis – Although the on-board equipment is unique, the base frame or chassis on which the equipment sits is nothing but a standard truck frame. The size of the frame depends upon the capacity of the storage tank it holds. The engine that drives the wheels also powers the hydraulic system of the truck as well as the component that generates the vacuum.
  • Vacuum System – This is the component that generates the negative pressure to enable quick and easy suctioning of various types of debris. There are two types of systems: liquid ring and rotary vane. While these two systems can accomplish the same task, there is a subtle difference in each one’s application. Liquid rings are ideal for low noise applications; however, it is delicate which limits its application. On the other hand, the rotary vane is noisy but easy to maintain and more rigid than its counterpart.
  • Tank – The tank is the most prominent feature of this vehicle. It is made from thick metal and sometimes stainless steel and its main purpose is for storing the collected mixture of sediment and liquid. On the modern vac truck for sale, the rear end of the tank is a large hatch with hydraulic locks; the hatch is used to quickly unload the tank.


To better understand how this truck operates, it is easier to compare it to a household vacuum. The equipment does its job by sucking the air into an outlet which creates a negative pressure at the inlet side at the location of the suction line. That negative pressure causes liquid debris to be suctioned through the tube and into the tank.

Between the suction line and the vacuum system are a series of screens to filter out solids to avoid coming in contact with the vanes and damaging them; suctioned air is also filtered before it is released into the atmosphere. The suctioned debris is then channeled into the tank where it is stored until it is time for disposal. Because these vehicles handle all sorts of debris, they are also prone to corrosion which is why most of them have stainless steel components that resist deterioration.

When looking for a vac truck for sale, it is important to recognize that the vacuum truck does amazing cleaning jobs that would otherwise be time-consuming and inefficient with any other equipment. Hopefully this article has provided helpful information about the various vacuum truck components that make this mighty machine work efficiently and effectively!

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