Vac_Trucks_for_SaleIf considering looking for a vac trucks for sale, it is important to not only think about the amount of money invested, the machine’s performance and its service life but also to consider the productivity level. Apart from the vacuum truck itself, another way of meeting a production target is through the people who operate the trucks.

The workforce is difficult to eliminate since they are a very important aspect of any business; however, when talking about vacuum trucks, that is not necessarily true. The technological advances of this powerful machine have reached the point that many times one person can run the equipment, allowing the business to achieve the same productivity rate – provided that one person has the proper knowledge and skills.

Knowledge about the equipment and the skills needed to operate this vehicle are vital to get the most productivity from a vacuum truck. Competence is based on continuous education, long-term experience and adequate training. Another essential factor that impacts the productivity rate is safety. To complete the equation, knowledge plus the right skills minus injury equals increased productivity!

Productivity Important Tips

Increasing the productivity level is vital to the vacuum truck industry. Maximizing its impact is a major concern for this business. Therefore, improving productivity is done by acquiring knowledge about what is important in the operation of the vacuum truck.

  • Hose Diameter Size – Vacuum hose diameter size has a large impact on the performance of this vehicle and its equipment. Changing the diameter from one size to another does require the operator to know the right decision to make. The suctioning capability of a ¼ diameter hose is different than a 3/8 hose diameter. The ¼ diameter hose will create more suction pressure as compared to the other hose. It is important to note that the smaller the size of the hose, the faster it will suction the materials. To finish the job as quickly as possible, the correct decision must be made about what diameter of hose to use.
  • Changing Hose Diameter – The diameter size will not only affect the speed of air but also the efficiency of suctioning material. Do not attempt to change the size of a suction hose in the middle of the operation. The equipment is programmed for a particular hose diameter size; changing in the middle of an operation would not only be counterproductive but could cause damage to the truck itself.
  • Hose Length and Friction Loss – Whether the air is blown or sucked through the vacuum hose, it will experience friction loss. Another important lesson that must be remembered is that friction loss is proportionate to hose length. An increase in friction loss will be encountered by using a longer vacuum hose with a constant diameter size. The vacuum truck must work harder to suck the material from a longer hose than from a shorter hose.
  • Smooth-Bore vs. Corrugated Pipe – If the vacuum truck will be handling tougher and longer jobs, the operator should use smooth-bore or rubber type hose. The use of the corrugated type of hose will only diminish the performance of the truck. Decreased performance means a reduction in productivity level. Corrugated pipe can only be used in short lengths and connected to the smooth-bore type of hose for efficient functioning.

Safety and Productivity

Maintaining a safe and sound environment during the entire operation will make the worker more productive. Danger is inevitable, but with knowledge and conscious awareness of the proper safety procedures, a worker can perform the job efficiently and effectively within the projected amount of time.

When looking at vac trucks for sale, an owner always wants to increase productivity and optimize performance. To get the most productivity out of a vacuum truck, basic knowledge, appropriate skills and safety are the key components. Therefore, be wise, be competent and be always on the safe side!