Vac Truck For SaleTechnology is constantly evolving and it is evident from the smallest devices around us to the large ones such as a vac truck for sale. From the simple hand-powered pumps used by early firemen to the technological marvels of today, the vacuum truck has come a long way in making operation of these vehicles convenient, efficient, and safe thanks to the newer technologies that have been introduced. Here are some of the technologies that are easing and enhancing the operation of vacuum trucks.


  • Aluminum Components – Before aluminum, steel made up the majority of vacuum truck components; it was strong and flexible although that was its only advantage. Steel is heavy and highly prone to corrosion; considering the fact that vacuum trucks often have to handle caustic liquids, steel requires frequent maintenance. This is why aluminum is fast becoming the preferred metal for the majority of tank truck for sale critical components; it is both lightweight and corrosion resistant, making it ideal for handling caustic liquids without corroding
  • Ball Valves – Before the ball valve was introduced, gate valves were used to seal vacuum lines and keep tank contents from spilling; however, gate valves did not seal well which led to minimal seepage. On the other hand, ball valves have better design and sealing capability, making them ideal for handling delicate liquids without posing safety hazards to workers, road users, and the environment.
  • Digital GaugesVacuum trucks are pressure sensitive and load sensitive vehicles, requiring constant monitoring to be sure they are operating within safe parameters, making the need for digital gauges for this equipment very important. Before digital gauges, it was necessary to peer through glass holes at the top of the tank to determine what material the truck was holding which was no easy task when in the middle of a job. With the installation of digital gauges, critical data can be monitored such as the holding tank load, vacuum pressure, and fresh water load in real time from a single dashboard.
  • On Board Smart Phone – Having a smart phone on board the vacuum truck is another good way to optimize the functionality of the equipment. With a smart phone on board, the usage possibilities are endless, including staying in touch with clients, sending email texts, ordering supplies, and getting a map for an unfamiliar location.
  • Water-Cooled Heated CollarsVacuum trucks operating under frigid conditions can benefit from water-cooled heated collars; during the winter, valves can freeze and could be damaged. Having a water-cooled heated collar ensures that the equipment remains operable and productive during cold winter months.
  • Water-Cooled Pump – The vacuum unit is powerful; however, it does generate a massive amount of heat within its components. Without an efficient way to dissipate the heat, the components would wear out easily. A water-cooled pump is an efficient device that uses water as a way to dissipate heat; this helps all of the equipment operate at a maximum performance level without compromising either the longevity or the productivity of the equipment.
  • AgitatorVacuum trucks handle a wide variety of liquids along with partial solids; so having an agitator installed inside the tank can make any job that much easier. Typically, a tank without an agitator will have sludge settle at the bottom of the tank, making the loading and unloading process difficult as the tank’s port can become blocked. The agitator helps avoid this by constantly swirling the fluids along with the solids so they don’t settle at the bottom of the tank.

The introduction of new technology for a vac truck for sale has made it efficient, effective, and durable equipment to use. Hopefully this article has provided helpful information about the new technologies found in vacuum trucks that should be embraced and used. So certainly consider using this new technical knowledge to help grow a vacuum truck business!

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