vac truck for saleFor those of you who own or are considering buying a vac truck for sale, keeping it ready for the day’s work is important. Nothing is more frustrating than arriving at a work site and realizing that the job can’t be done because of a problem with the equipment or some important tools are missing from the vehicle. Such problems can make any operation inefficient – and drive away clients.

As with all commercial trucks, it is important that the crew operating the vehicle has made sure that everything of importance to the operation is on board and readily available before leaving the garage for the day; this is the best way to be sure that the daily jobs can be executed without any delays. With vacuum trucks, there are numerous items that should be carefully checked before taking the vehicle on the road.

  • General Safety Considerations – Safety is always the top priority and vacuum trucks are no exception, primarily because large quantities of various types of liquid are carried. The sheer size alone poses a risk in the event of a collision on the road that could cause a spill and/or explosion. The liquid being carried may: pose a health hazard if released into the air; be caustic and/or emit noxious gases; and be highly flammable and could ignite in the presence of a fire source.
  • Safety Equipment – Because of potential hazards, safety equipment must always be secured on the truck before heading to any job sites. A fire extinguisher must be present within the vehicle as well as any of numerous early warning devices to place by the truck when operating on streets or highways. Safety cones and reflective triangles should be available to be used while working if appropriate.
  • Personal Protective Equipment – Every worker assigned to a vacuum truck is exposed to biological hazards due to the liquids that are handled, even if it is just wastewater. To protect the health and safety of all workers, it is important that there is personal protective equipment carried that can be worn while working, including protective glasses, hard hat, reflective vest, steel toed boots, and latex gloves.
  • Cleanup Equipment – Spills are very common with vacuum trucks for many reasons. There are times when residue may be left in the hoses that could come out when being stored. A spill is something that should not be ignored, as the liquid may pose a health hazard or be a safety issue. Aside from that, ignoring a spill on a client’s property or even on the vehicle itself reflects poorly on a business’ image, which is exactly why vacuum trucks should always have the proper equipment to clean away spills.
  • Equipment Condition – Before taking the truck out for a day’s work, it is important to confirm that everything is in working order. Walk around the truck to visually inspect all components. Observe for leaking fluids, broken lights, dents on the holding tank, cracks in the suction hose, proper tire inflation, etc. If something is not right, note it on the log and have it repaired before proceeding with the work.
  • Log sheets – Always have log sheets available to help monitor fluids being stored in the holding tank to avoid mixing liquids that could chemically react. Never assume that any liquid can be safely mixed with another one without some type of reaction that could release noxious or even flammable gasses.

When considering purchasing a vac truck for sale, knowing how to properly prepare for using it every day must be learned, employed and never overlooked. Having everything needed on the vacuum truck is the only way to be sure that the equipment is safely and efficiently handled!

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