internationalvacsmallHybrid vacuum trucks are renowned for being environmentally friendly and economical, so it would appear to make sense to buy one instead of a conventional vac truck for sale. Unfortunately, there are a few issues that put the technology in hot water and could hamper a wider implementation on commercial vehicle applications.

Issues of Hybrid Technology

So what are some of the considerations when purchasing this new technology?

  • Initial Cost – One of the biggest hurdles to the implementation of all hybrid equipment is the cost. Unlike a regular vac truck for sale, the cost of about 25 percent more than other versions because of the addition of an electric motor and battery. The cost remains high because they are still in the developmental stage and so production is still somewhat limited, keeping the prices high.
  • ROI – There’s also the question of return on investment. Although the hybrid version can really reduce fuel costs, it is not clear now long it takes to save money on fuel to cover the higher initial cost. In order to recover the investment, the truck must be extensively used in order recover the high accusation cost of the equipment.
  • Fuel Cost – The third concern is that the cost of diesel fuel is fluctuating. A hybrid may seem like a handsome option when the price of fuel goes up; however, when the price goes down which does happen, buying a hybrid version becomes more expensive and impractical.
  • Reliability – Finally, there is the question of the technology’s reliability. Although hybrids have long been adapted on smaller vehicles with great success, it is still relatively new in commercial applications such as vacuum trucks. There’s no bench mark yet on how long the batteries and motors will last as well as the availability of replacement parts for this newer technology.

The Promising Potential

Although there are many issues about hybrid technology, there are also promising benefits that can be expected.

  • Air Quality Control – The technology is valuable in places where there is tight air quality control. It would be very difficult to get a contract at such locations using standard vacuum trucks due to strict air quality regulation. Hybrids can be prioritized for the job because of their significant reduction of CO2 emissions.
  • Noise Reduction – The reduction of noise that is generated during operation also gives the ability to operate this truck at any location at any time. Conventional vacuum trucks generate intense noise, which restricts the time and place where it can operated. On the other hand, hybrids generate less noise because of the electric motor.
  • Marketing Value – Hybrid vehicles are provide an excellent marketing strategy. With more emphasis on clear air, this truck is making great progress in the commercial truck arena by advertising what a wonderful option it is to use this truck for environmentally conscious clients.

There are many issues being raised about hybrid vacuum trucks;; however, most of it is speculation about this promising technology that is at its infancy stage. Beyond such issues and speculation, there are promising benefits to be offered. So consider that the jury is still out on the uncertainty of hybrid vacuum trucks – but that could change any day!

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