Vac Truck For Sale YellowVacuum trucks are a great device, providing an unlimited number of uses based on powerful pumping and siphoning abilities. Like any other work truck, proper maintenance must be done to keep the vehicles working properly. It is particularly important to know where to locate the pump’s check valves and their important role in how the pumps function. When looking at a used vac truck for sale, ensuring the valves are working properly is essential to the future usefulness and life expectancy of the pump.

What Are Check Valves?

A check valve is a general name for the two main pressure valves on a these trucks, namely the vacuum relief and pressure relief valves. Their joint purpose is to control the amount of pressure build-up in the vacuum tank, keep the pump working efficiently, and prevent tank implosion, collapse, or explosion due to high pressure.

Both valves are located in various places on the truck, although it is better to place them very close to the pump itself. On new trucks, it is possible to request placement close to the pump near the pressure/vacuum gauge. On older trucks with the valves in different areas, they can be replaced in a more convenient, reachable position fairly inexpensively. Whatever the location, it is important to watch them closely in case of a need to manually operate the valves if too much pressure builds. This is even more efficient when both are placed together close to the pump.

How Do Check Valves Work?

The vacuum and pressure relief valves do just as stated – relieve either tank vacuum or pressure. Vacuum is the force going into the tank, while pressure is the force being exerted outward from the tank depending on pump usage. Too little pressure causes lack of power and too much pressure can cause a catastrophic accident. The valves can both be pre-set to open once pressure builds too high while retaining a way to be manually activated as well. Pressure relief valves typically have a pull ring and vacuum relief valves have a spring that gets compressed.

It is essential to periodically test the two check valves to be sure that they are working correctly. Both of them can get corroded or caked with dirt and debris, which affects how well the pull ring or spring works. Keeping the parts clean and easily working will protect against being faced with a stuck pull or button when needing to immediately release some pressure.

In order for a vacuum truck to function as it should, it is important that all parts are well maintained and kept appropriately working. Whether pumping or siphoning, pressure can either make the process easier if it is correctly adjusted or make things much harder if not. Keep all fleet trucks on the road with working check valves and always be sure to test the valves when considering the purchase of a vac truck for sale. The check valves are such a simple way to prevent pump problems – so take care of them on a regular basis!

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