When it comes to powerful suction strength and high performance to dig in the ground without damaging underground779 infrastructures, a vacuum truck excavator is simply the most reliable solution. It is a wise business decision to acquire a vac truck for sale because of increased productivity for the life of the machine. The truck is designed to excavate and break up soil using a power jet while removing soil safely, rapidly, and accurately using the vacuum pump.

Inspection and Preventive Maintenance

With the help of preventive maintenance and regular cleaning, risky equipment problems can be avoided in the future. Failed, damaged, and worn-out components will increase the chance of accidents happening during truck operations. Inspection and maintenance will prevent mechanical failures when a vacuum truck is being used.

  • Inspection Procedure – Various senses should be used to find and properly detect component defects. Seeing hydraulic leakage, corrosion, damage of electrical components, and loose nuts or bolts could be a sign of future problems. Hearing hissing from air leaks, clicking noises, and any unusual sounds could be a need for immediate repair. Also, if the gearbox is very hot it may be overheating. Hearing, feeling, and seeing details that are not ordinary is the best way to seek out defects, deterioration, and failure.
  • Preventive Maintenance – When considering a used vac truck for sale, it is vital to thoroughly examine lubrication levels and conduct hydraulic system maintenance. Be sure to lubricate the blower and replace fluid in any low hydraulic tanks. Contamination of hydraulic fluid can cause serious wear, tear, and malfunction of the pumps and valves; it is also why fluid should be sent for laboratory testing.

Cleaning Vital Components

It is important to clean components and inspect a truck’s general condition. The cleaning process should be done correctly for smooth running and a long service life. Below are a few essential components to keep clean.

  • Tank Body – Remove dirt and excess moisture from inside the body with a water-jet; hydro-blast the inside starting from the upper corner downward to the tailgate. Cyclone screens should be freed of settled particles, liquid, and debris; clean the tank float-ball from waste particles as well.
  • Boom Enclosure – Boom enclosure dirt should be removed and the inner edge coated with grease. Assess the tightness of interconnections between intake nozzles and air access joints.
  • Hydraulic Filters – Unscrew hydraulic filters and remove filter elements; clean thoroughly and replace old filters with new ones. Drain any remaining fluid from the hydraulic tank and replace with fresh fluid.

After finishing the cleaning process, run the truck for a few minutes to check hydraulic functioning and remove any water remaining inside the tank through vibration.

In every utility business, success is possible with good preventive maintenance and regular cleaning. By noting what to maintain and which vital components to clean, extending the life of the vacuum truck can be achieved with no more breakdowns, disappointments from delayed task completion, or worries about being profitable. So don’t risk any problems with a vacuum truck excavator – keep it clean and safe!

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