kwvactruckbluegrey 002A vacuum truck is a powerful vehicle that is very useful in hauling different kinds of materials Some tanks are designed and modified specifically to handle and transport certain loads; however, even through the use of creative ideas and efforts, there are times when such modifications may fail because of undetected weaknesses. Such failure even of a vac truck for sale can come with undesired side effects to both the environment and its inhabitants and certainly need to be prevented. To prevent tank collapse, learn some helpful information from the example listed below.

Tank Collapse

A vac truck for sale was purchased in good and well-maintained condition, arriving at a job site prior to the incident. The equipment was set up discharge the load; this process included connecting the unloading hose to the unloading pump and then connecting another hose for nitrogen supplies which was connected to a modified manifold. This adaptation was thought to make things easier for the operator who would then not have to go up onto the vacuum tank to set up a hose for the nitrogen supply. The unloading seemed to be proceeding without any problems and the driver remained in the truck per procedures, remaining busy with other tasks. It was observed that the hose was still vibrating , which was thought to be normal and just an indication that material was unloading. A few moments after the process began, the vacuum tank collapsed.

Failure Causation

Catastrophic failure can happen at any time and is usually unexpected. Well-maintained equipment can still fail; however, incidents such as a tank collapse happens for a reason. Investigators who came to the scene and found the cause of the failure; a valve located at the top of the tank for the nitrogen supply was not opened. The operator misunderstood the instructions and thought that it was sufficient to open the connected hose to the trailer manifold. The modified supply piping was actually at a closed position and not supplying any nitrogen which caused the truck tank to collapse.


It will always be impossible to avoid unusual circumstance; however, when something like this happens, it is important to learn from that experience. In this example, it was possible to avoid the incident by the operator understanding specific operating instructions. This powerful equipment must be respected as having the potential for catastrophic incidents. All operators must be familiar with the vehicle; knowing in detail the manufacturer’s manual is absolutely necessary. If any modifications have been done, the vehicle operator must be aware of such changes and know how such an alteration will directly influence the entire process.

Furthermore, it is also important for operators to pay strict attention to the entire vacuuming operation and not do any other tasks as this provides the best way to notice any problems during pumping by continually checking the pressure valve, hoses and vacuum system. Any other tasks may create a loss of focus on the task at hand. Full attention must be given to the pumping operation to allow for a quick response if signs of failure arise.

It is important to note any vehicle changes and modifications as it affects the entire procedure. Dealers offer seminars to cover safety during pumping operations as well as how to care for the tank and vacuum mechanism. Make this information the best way to avoid the collapse of the tank of a vacuum truck!

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