When dealing with any type of industrial equipment including vacuum trucks, maintenance is a top priority. These units are very costly and it is important to ensure a long vehicle service life. Being well-maintained will also help when the time comes to purchase a new vac truck for sale so that the old one can be used as a trade-in. Anyone searching for a previously-owned vehicle will want to know about its maintenance records, so keeping up with routine care is the best strategy for getting the most money out of such a large investment.


Other than the basic mechanical care to the engine and drive train itself, these vehicles require more care to ensure ongoing performance efficiency. Hydraulics and vacuum systems, while very strong, are also easily damaged; keeping up with any repairs is vital to maintain keep the machines in good working condition. So it is important that any operator of a vac truck for sale be appropriately trained on its proper use and care as well as enroll in any safety classes wherever they can be found.

Hydraulics and Pneumatics

Vacuum trucks have butterfly valves, relief valves and other air and fluid actuated valve systems, all of which require specific inspections and care to ensure proper functioning. Controlled by switches, control panels and sometimes automatically by the machine itself; improper functioning or failure can not only cause a breakdown but worker injury as well. These valves must be carefully inspected and tested at regular intervals to ensure of proper on-going functioning. Vacuum relief valves need periodic cleaning as well; failure to do so could cause them to malfunction.

Hoses and Fittings

Prior to each use, all hoses and fittings should be inspected for damage and proper connections. Small leaks in hoses or fittings will not allow for proper working, reduce efficiency, and actually cause the entire unit to work harder. Any undue stress on these systems could cause the premature wearing of parts and potential failure. The same can also be caused by incorrect line routing when lines are not supported as necessary. Sometimes equipment handling alone can cause as many problems as not providing proper maintenance.

It is probably a good idea to have certain types of periodic maintenance done by a dealer who is trained to work on this kind of equipment; however, daily check-ups should always be done by an operator.

Although the things discussed above are only the basics of necessary maintenance to keep any vac truck for sale running and performing at its best, it is a starting point for learning about everything involved with proper care. Not only does keeping this machine in top condition promote years of trouble-free service, it also provides a proper resale value when the time comes to replace it. It is indeed important to have proper care given to vacuum trucks to keep this vital vehicle running!

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