Vac_Truck_for_SaleAirport runways must be kept clean and clear of debris in order for daily flight operations to proceed safely. This requires the regular employment of vacuum sweeper trucks to clean the road surfaces using a combination of rotating brushes and suction.

It is true that the harsh economic climate may force many airports to compromise on such cleaning routines as the supply of these vehicles and their attachments have become limited and prices have rapidly escalated. A sweep model vac truck for sale may have been a viable, money-saving investment for some airport cleaning companies prior to the recession; however, many businesses are struggling to afford the cost of runway sweeping.

Escalating Prices

The major cause of increased prices and reduced availability of brush stock is directly related to the climbing prices of fuel in the United States combined with the rising cost of polypropylene and raw steel. Heavy-duty cleaning vehicles with rotary brushes and other types of engineered brush products rely on petroleum to operate, making cleaning services more expensive as gas prices rise.

The high price of fuel also increases transportation costs, which in turn lead to sporadic product shortages. Expensive materials lead to lower numbers of polypropylene brushes being produced, which again results in reduced stock availability. The combined effects of all of these shortcomings force cleaning companies to charge more for such services.


Unfortunately, there is no simple solution to the problem; airports and providers of cleaning services must anticipate fluctuations in petroleum prices and adjust business strategies accordingly. Rather than selling a vac truck for sale to lower overhead costs and generate a quick capital boost, businesses are encouraged to maintain a strong supply of brushes. Airports should keep a similar supply just in case of an acute shortage.

Being proactive is a key strategy to avoid unpleasant surprises. By staying on top of the problem, companies can create a viable business plan and stretch petroleum-based resources so that vacuum trucks can continue to keep the runways clean.

Some may see this as an opportunity to switch suppliers in search of a better deal on brush stock. Regrettably, most pricing is pretty equal for this product and it would cost even more to set up a long-term contract with a new company. Additionally, lengthy contracts seldom consider the possibility of price increases, which is why many companies try to avoid signing a contract such at all.


To avoid finding an unexpected surcharge on an invoices, airports are encouraged to maintain open communication with suppliers and service providers. Many companies offer regular updates regarding market fluctuations and other relevant industry news to help customers anticipate any cost adjustments. Alternatively, clients should request notice from suppliers explaining any additional charges or rate changes before becoming effective. This principle applies equally to both airports and cleaning companies.

Before picking up a vac truck for sale, providers of runway cleaning services should thoroughly inspect the vehicle to see if it is suitable for projected needs. By maintaining an adequate supply of the brushes necessary to complete the task, it will indeed be possible for airports to keep their runways clean!

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