Vacuum trucks are expensive, so it is no wonder there is a great market for used vacuum trucks. Buyers of used vacuum trucks for sale can definitely get a great deal, but they must know what to look for so they do not end up with someone else’s problem. Besides always working with a reputable dealer of used commercial or vacuum trucks, following are a few tips on how to find the right pre-owned vehicles at the right prices.

Be Realistic In What Want

Sometimes a one-in-a-million deal may pop up, but in reality, this is unlikely. It is important for buyers looking at used vacuum trucks for sale to know not only what they need, but also what it is likely to cost them. Since buyers typically must work within a budget, they should have a list of priorities, since it is unlikely to find a pre-owned truck with everything in perfect condition, for a used price.

Inspect Used Equipment Well

Let the buyer beware! This means it is up to the buyer to perform their own inspection on a vehicle and equipment - regardless of what the window sticker says about the condition. Test all onboard equipment, and be careful of custom add-ons, since they can sometimes be hard to replace or service. Check everything from the motor and transmission, to the pumps and tanks. Know what is being offered firsthand by going over it with a fine-tooth comb. Also, do not forget to check the tires, since buying a new set for a vacuum truck that seemed like a good deal can completely change this.

Ask to See Paperwork

A buyer should ask to see the title, and the most recent inspection. The seller should be able to provide a clear title, free of any liens, and current inspection papers. If the truck does not have current inspection papers, ask that this be done before making a purchase. This way, not only will any problems that could mean costly repairs be brought to light, but the truck can be put to work immediately. If the seller does not have the title or other current paperwork, and refuses to have an inspection done, a buyer should keep looking.

Why You Need A Warranty

Anyone that offers used vacuum trucks for sale should offer some type of warranty, or explicitly state that there is no warranty. Stay away from vehicles with no warranty at all, and look for units with the best warranties. Most importantly a buyer must understand what is written in whatever warranty is being offered. Go over the details with the seller and ask any questions necessary to understand what is covered, and how, so there is no confusion, and no problems later, should it become necessary to exercise the warranty.

Above all, buyers of used vacuum trucks must understand that while pre-owned trucks do present better affordability when buying brand new is not feasible, you do get what you pay for.  Just like any other commercial equipment, when purchasing pre-owned vacuum trucks for sale, the better trucks with the least amount of use and in the best condition, will demand higher prices. Although buying used is still a great way to avoid things like depreciation, and the need to finance a large amount. Just remember to always shop wisely and carefully in order to get the best deal possible!

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