An important job of municipal septic and sewer services is keeping catch basins clean. To do so, crews must rely on powerful vacuum trucks, supplied by local vacuum truck companies and the top vacuum trucks dealers in the area. Catch basin cleaning is a necessary part of sewer maintenance, so using the right equipment is essential. To do the best job, it is important to use the best new or used vacuum tank trucks for sale that will allow municipal or private fleets to work efficiently in keeping local sewers clear of debris and flowing well.

How Catch Basins Work

Vacuum tank trucks companies say any street with a storm drain for water to flow into, also has a catch basin. Catch basins are part of the entrance to the sewer, designed to catch and contain solid material so it does not flow into the actual sewer pipes, eventually clogging the sewer. These containment areas typically catch everything from soil runoff, leaves and branches – to waste material, such as paper, food wrappers, plastic bottles and anything else that may be in the street and flowing toward the storm grates when it rains. They must be suctioned out periodically to prevent debris from getting past the basin and into the sewer, and prevent storm drains from clogging, causing overflowing.

Routine Catch Basin Cleaning Is Essential

Vacuuming storm drain catch basins requires the use of strong pumper trucks to suction floating debris, and any solid material that has settled to the bottom of the basin. Therefore, finding the right new or used vacuum tank trucks for sale is essential, since they must be capable of not only suctioning water and sediment, but any item that has flowed into the basin. Top vacuum tank trucks dealers are the best place to find these vehicles.

The Right Truck for the Job

Catch basin cleaning requires a more heavy-duty vacuum truck than a simple septic truck, since the type of material being suctioned can vary so widely. These larger, more powerful new or used vacuum tank trucks for sale typically have hoses with a greater diameter of 6 to 8 inches to suction larger objects. Most are extended on a boom that swings out from the truck to keep the suction line straight and efficient.

Often catch basin cleaning requires jetting as well as suctioning. Working with jetter hoses that can dislodge debris that gets stuck in the basin over time is common. Vacuum tank trucks companies know, with the dual capabilities of high pressure water jetting and strong vacuum suction, sewer crews can efficiently clear out catch basins and prevent clogged sewers. Most important is having the right truck, with the right features. Therefore, combination wet-dry sewer vacs with high pressure jetting are the best truck for the job.

Vacuum tank trucks companies that provide catch basin and sewer cleaning as part of their services must rely on the most powerful combination vacuum trucks to perform these jobs efficiently and effectively. Top vacuum tank trucks dealers usually offer these specialty vehicles for sale. Let a local dealer who offers the best new or used vacuum tank trucks for sale help locate the perfect unit to add to your fleet so you can provide the best catch basin and sewer cleaning service in your area!

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