Tanker vacuum trucks are an important piece of equipment used in America’s oilfields, providing a critical service. For any company looking to buy used vacuum tank trucks or used oilfield vac trucks for sale, it important to know certain facts. Read below how such trucks are currently being used and how oilfield vacuum tank trucks services can be used to find the right truck for your needs.

Vacuum Trucks In the Oilfield

New or used vacuum trucks for sale provide critical services in the oilfield – either by delivering water to drilling sites, vacuuming away waste water created by fracking and drilling, or sucking up muddy sludge from drilling sites. Depending on the type of work being performed, it can rally strain vacuum pumps and the truck itself, since most of this pumping is done in remote locations and can be more difficult than a typical septic application.

Another significant consideration when it comes to this type of work is oilfield waste – whether it is waste water or drilling sludge, as it is considered to be hazardous material because it is often flammable. All of this affects truck specifications and how that vehicle is used for the greatest efficiency and safety.

Pump Types for Heavier Vacuum Work

Because of the strain frequently placed on vacuum trucks meant for oilfield work, they should be upfitted with a stronger pump. It is best to have pumps run directly from a gearbox that does not experience belt slippage rather than from a pulley and PTO system as is more commonly used with less powerful vacuum pumps. Of all pump types used today, converted hydraulic pump systems tend to work the best in oilfield applications and have become very popular. They are somewhat expensive to install; however, the reduced wear and tear on pumps as well as the longer life provided, makes it possible for companies to get the most use from their vac trucks.

Tank Specs

Generally speaking, new or used oilfield vac trucks for sale must be larger and more heavy-duty than a typical septic truck. Hauling water and waste contents to and from remote drilling sites is more economical with vehicles with higher tank capacities; semi-trailer tanks are sometimes used. Tanks used in oilfield delivery and removal work are also more rugged than the average vac truck tank to withstand the corrosive potential of oil and gas waste products. It also resists the amount of vac pressure required for efficient use.

Companies looking to buy used oilfield vac trucks to increase their fleets or to start used oilfield vacuum tank trucks services should purchase the best vacuum trucks for the job. With the right pumps and tanks, a company can provide much needed services to the oil or gas industry. Examine vacuum tank trucks for sale to find the right one, then upfit it if necessary with a hydraulic conversion – and you’re ready to go work in the oil fields!

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