septic truck for saleThe economic downturn of the past few years has posed a challenge to the septic truck industry. Many businesses have downsized by reducing workers, operating costs, and even faced some asset liquidation. Now that the economy is getting better, what is the future of the septic truck for sale industry?

The septic truck industry is somewhat of a recession-proof industry; although it was hurt during the recession, demand for the service did not decrease. The need for septic removal will always be constant or even increase even with economic changes. Most companies hurt by the past recession were harmed by other factors.

As the economy has revived, more companies are clamoring to get back into the fast-paced world of commerce – and the septic business is no exception. Competition will be fierce, so in order to take the lead, here are some suggestions that septic truck companies can implement to increase sales.


The septic service industry is huge – which means there is fierce competition, making it vital to diversify and increase offered services in other areas with more opportunities and less competition. Start with current services and branch out to other related ones such as sewer and drain cleaning or servicing portable restrooms.

If the current number of workers and equipment can handle it, other services may be offered such as: tank installation excavation services; concrete work; plumbing; food waste management; video inspection; soil testing; and hydro excavation. These services are related to septic services and for those who have purchased a newer septic truck for sale, the demands of such services can be accomplished.

Invest in Equipment

One of the challenges of septic truck companies is high operating costs that occurs when equipment is already outdated; aging equipment tends to require higher maintenance ranging from worn parts replacement to the need for frequent servicing. Fuel consumption can also increase as well due to a worn out, inefficient engine.

To stay ahead of the competition, it is vital to have fleet vehicles with current technology; equipment in good condition needs less maintenance and uses less fuel, both of which can lower operational costs. Breakdowns are less frequent without any untimely down time as well as the loss of clients and revenue. Having the latest technology almost guarantees that the vehicles will perform as expected and help make diversification possible.

Invest in Marketing

Marketing is a strategic prerequisite for any business and the septic industry is no exception. In a competitive industry, investing in marketing offers a huge advantage over the competition. Just do more than traditional advertising – web marketing is the wave of the future that will bring in more revenue than ever before, so don’t be afraid to invest in its offering.

Despite the recession, purchasing a septic truck for sale will help increase a strong business presence in the market. New strategies must be implemented in order to remain ahead of the competition – and that is truly the best way to cash in on the improving future of the septic truck industry!

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