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Septic tanks are temporary storage facilities at homes that don’t have access to municipal sewage lines. Due to the limited size of the tank, it will eventually fill up from regular use and require emptying by using a septic truck for sale. The septic industry has arisen to take care of relieving such problems.

With just a single call to a contractor, a septic truck can be sent to remove collected waste and make the tank useable again. This is a task that will be repeated numerous times, relieving home owners of any problems and leaving the septic company to deal with the matter. Eventually the septic truck’s holding tank will fill and require disposal, raising the question as to where does the load end up and how is it dealt with?

Septic Waste

Being a human waste product, septage contains bacteria that is harmful to humans. Simple exposure to the atmosphere can release pathogens that could cause illness to humans. Septage can also be an inviting venue for vermin like cockroaches, rodents, and other insects that could contribute to the spread of the harmful bacteria it contains.

The waste also contains substances that could contaminate soil and ground water. The phosphorus and nitrogen content of septage waste is high; if dumped directly on soil, it could degrade the quality of the soil. Because of such risks, septic waste requires proper handling and disposal. Of course, a load cannot simply be dumped in the nearest creek without facing fines and even revocation of a septic handling license.

Proper Handling

All septic waste, both solid and liquid, will return to the environment; before that can happen, it has to undergo proper treatment. In metropolitan areas, septage handling is pretty basic with septic trucks discharging any load at a municipal treatment plant for a fee, with the waste becoming part of the city’s waste handling treatment plan.

The trend of handling septage varies depending on the amount of waste being handled and the capacity of the available treatment facility. In some places, the process involves private treatment facilities taking care of the dewatering process or the separation of solid and liquid matter. Municipal treatment facilities with limited capacity often treat the water and use it for irrigation. The solids are treated separately and then usually dried before placing in landfills.

Even when handling treated solid waste, protecting human health and the environment remains the main priority; this is why disposal of treated solid waste still requires careful planning. Most states require solid waste to be disposed in areas far from population, bodies of water like rivers or lakes, and potable water sources.

Septage that is collected by a septic truck for sale requires careful handling and disposal due to the health and environmental risks that are presented. Before disposal can take place, septage requires proper treatment before being returned to the environment. So it is important for septic truck owners to be aware of all existing rules and regulations regarding septage disposal before picking up that first load of septic waste!

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