Vac Truck For SaleHomes across the country are operating septic tanks as a primary waste system, which means that there are also local companies that specialize in pumping unwanted waste material from the septic tank, often through the purchase of a septic truck for sale. This is a very important service as sludge, scum and other material build up over time and can result in an overflow that is hazardous to the immediate area and the environment. When the pumping process is done, not everyone knows what happens after the septic truck is done pumping.

Septic Waste Disposal

When waste is completely removed from the tank, a pumper truck will deliver it to a local waste treatment plant. Prior to local and federal laws restricting the dumping of sludge, it was often buried in a dump site. Because of the potential health hazards, such dump sites were closed by the government. In some states, sewage is allowed to be treated in cesspools that hold the sludge and break it down using chemical or biological agents.

A few states allow dumping in approved landfills as well as at farms where the material is used as a fertilizer. It’s possible to find some crops and vegetables in a local grocery store that have been grown using sludge from a septic tank; however, items grown this way cannot carry a USDA Organic label.

Guidelines about the proper disposal of sewage are strict and sometimes controversial; however, a new use for this material has been discovered which is to deliver the waste as raw materials to a power plant. It’s long been known that septic disposal, if properly processed and handled, can produce methane, a simple fuel used to generate non-combustible electricity. This idea is still under development and study for improved usage.

Waste Pumping

Scum and sludge layers build up over time, even with a good drain field and well-functioning septic system. It is recommended that this material should be periodically pumped out in order to maintain a good and functional home waste management. It is also important to have the system checked regularly, measuring the level of sludge and scum so a good estimate can be given as to when the waste should be pumped out using a pumper truck for sale. Inspection of the pipes, drain field and all other part will ensure that the waste is properly percolating; the average pumping interval can vary from one year to three years depending on the speed at which waste material accumulates.

Products that have a bad effect on the microbial agents should not be used if at all possible. There are items that have chemical contents to speed up the breakdown of sludge; these additives can actually increase microbial activity and disturb the way that natural enzymes break down waste. It is recommended not to substitute regular inspection and pumping with these products.

After seeing a septic truck leave the project site, it is heading to a waste treatment facility where the waste material will be treated to prevent any bad effects to the environment. Be sure that the septic system is well-maintained – and avoid costly accidents due to overflow!

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