kwvactruckbluegrey 002homepageVacuum trucks are actually more versatile than what may initially meet the eye. Traditionally known for an important part of the septic maintenance industry, there are actually a lot of other jobs where these vehicles can excel such as hydro-excavation, different types of water and chemical delivery, and septic suctioning and removal. Businesses that use vacuum trucks for more diverse or specialized jobs must have the vehicles properly equipped. Fleet owners may need to upgrade or retrofit some of the units or purchase an additional septic truck for sale to be able to provide the different services these vehicles can handle.

Determining Specific Needs

Any time there is a consideration to either extend services or perform jobs other than septic pumping, one of the first determinations that must be made is deciding what equipment is necessary for the task. While every vacuum truck serves the same general purpose – to suction liquids or other material and transport it a tank to be dumped somewhere else – not every type can handle every job.

Standard septic trucks are built to handle the normal wear and tear that septic pumping services perform. Hauling chemicals, waste water, or even nearly solid material from drilling sites can exert extra wear on a standard unit. This must be taken into thoughtful consideration before starting an additional service. Attempting to use standard design vehicles for non-standard work usually means that it will have a shorter life span with more frequent breakdowns. It can also lead to costly and dangerous job site accidents, which are totally unwanted by any company.

Equipment Modifications

In looking to alter equipment to fill specific needs, the choices include: buying a new unit that is customized to the job requirements; buying a used septic truck for sale to modify; or modifying equipment already owned. Buying new is more expensive, although it is a simple choice to make; however, it is possible to retrofit existing units to be used in other industry sectors.

When modifying a typical septic truck for use in different jobs, the main parts needing some kind of improvement are the pumps and tanks to make them large enough, durable enough, and capable enough to handle the type of material that will be loaded and hauled. Carrying certain chemicals requires a non-corrosive tank, while loading and dumping more solid material needs a very high-powered blower and pump system. Depending on material weight and tank size, vehicles may need additional improvements in the drive train, braking, suspension and engine in order to provide dependable service without suffering mechanical breakdowns. All modifications must be done so that the truck can be used reliably for any new job without the risk of overloading the system.

For companies involved in the more rigorous part of vacuum truck services, or even those looking to expand services and optimize equipment already owned, having the right truck can make or break the entire operation. It is good to know that in many cases, existing equipment can be modified before buying a new customized truck to fit work needs!

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