Septic_Trucks_for_SaleThe hurricane season can bring flooding and septic tanks are inevitably one of the first things looked to for assistance. Since this valuable machine is in such high demand by so many customers, business owners or managers in the industry often realize that looking for new septic trucks for sale should be accomplished prior to violent storms striking the country. Though this type of equipment is not thought of for storm duty, they are extremely in keeping sanitary systems in many households functioning during the hurricane season.

For those buyers who are looking for the best septic trucks for sale to handle the hurricane season, there are some important things that must be understood about this piece of equipment. One very important aspect of these vehicles is their maintenance so that they are in peak condition when customers call so that necessary work can be accomplished quickly and efficiently.

Septic System Needs

When a storm hits, a sanitary system must be functioning at its optimal level. Preventive maintenance, such as tank pumping, is essential so that the system performance does not have a major impact on the homeowner. Though most of these tanks are engineered to hold wastewater from drains, in the midst of a major storm such as a hurricane, difficulties may arise at an unwelcome time. So it is important to remove any accumulated waste in order to increase the tank capacity.

Proper Equipment

Providing the highest quality service to a sanitary system during major storms can only be accomplished by using the right type of equipment. Searching the internet for septic trucks for sale is one way of finding trucks with various specifications. In order to accomplish the proper type of truck, there are two important requirements:

  • Tank Capacity – This is the volume of wastewater and sludge that can be accumulated inside the tank. Before purchasing, the average amount of material to be suctioned needs to be computed. The most common aluminum or stainless steel tanks can hold 500 to 7,000 gallons of wastewater and sludge. Other important items include different dumping options and a warranty on the tank.
  • Pump Engine – This can be either the main engine of the truck or an auxiliary engine designed to power the pump. Though having the main truck engine power the suctioning mechanism will lessen maintenance needs, it will affect the overall efficiency of the vehicle and increase fuel consumption. Having an auxiliary engine can provide the right amount of power needed for the pump and require less fuel.

Proper Maintenance

Purchasing a high quality truck from the best manufacturer in town will not be of benefit attention is also given to proper cleaning and maintenance. This support program should include checking and maintaining all fluid levels at the point recommended by the manufacturer. Another important maintenance issue is to regularly check the air filter as it should be changed frequently. When the truck will not be used for an extended period, the interior of the tank should be steam cleaned to prevent corrosion.

Acquiring good quality septic trucks for sale and following a good maintenance program will keep the vehicle at a prime operating condition. Defeating the impact of the storm season on sanitary systems can be done safely and efficiently by taking the time and effort to find the best equipment for the job and keeping it at peak performance!