Septic trucks are vehicles used for cleaning septic tanks, those underground structures used to hold sewage in areas not connected to an underground sewage network that is common in many rural areas. While a septic truck for sale is ideal for handling such jobs, it can also be used to clean grease traps.

What is a Grease Trap?

A grease trap is similar to a septic tank; it is an underground structure usually made of cement in a square or rectangular shape. Its size varies depending on the amount of generated kitchen waste; restaurants and commercial buildings would require a larger trap than residential buildings.

The concept of a grease trap is to separate oil and other solids from the water and store it inside a tank while allowing water from kitchen sinks to flow through it. Oil and other debris float, so adding a separator compartment inside the tank lets water flow easily while leaving any residue in the trap’s compartments.

Regular Cleaning Importance

Tank size is somewhat limited and it will fill up with collected grease and debris, at which time the tank will not be effective and reach a point where complete blockage may occur. When oil and debris enter the drainage system, a foul odor can be released and leak out of the drainage system’s inlet. Blockage in the drainage system may occur during cold months and dumping into natural bodies of water can destroy the environment supported by that body of water.

How Septic Trucks Help

Cleaning a grease trap is a messy and dirty job; grease is thick and often mixed with rotting kitchen debris, making cleaning a nightmare, especially with a large size grease trap. A septic truck for sale is the perfect solution for such a dirty and tough job.

Septic trucks are vacuum trucks that can suction liquids with a large holding tank behind the cab where liquids are stored for transport. Liquids are suctioned into the tank via a flexible large diameter hose connected to a powerful vacuum pump that allows the hose enough negative pressure to pull out liquid as well as thick grease and other debris.

The advantage of using a septic truck for cleaning grease traps is to prevent direct human exposure to tank contents. A hose can be laid down into the manhole and the vacuum truck will do the rest of the work. The tank may need to be flushed to remove grease adhering to the walls. Some septic trucks are equipped with a fresh water tank and water jet on board, making clean-up thorough and easy.

Grease trap cleaning should be done regularly in order to prevent any possible sanitary problems; a pumper truck for sale is a piece of equipment that is well equipped for such a job. It makes the job easier, faster, and most importantly safer!

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