vaccum1The demand for septic services is growing because of two major reasons: floods and the vulnerability of septic systems to such disastrous problems. It could be the perfect time to look for the best deal on septic trucks for sale to meet increasing consumer demands. Following is some important information a pumping company should learn to be certain that any vehicles are ready to handle septic relief.


Choosing just the right type of equipment and accessories is important to the efficiency of any project. When looking at various septic trucks for sale, some come with tanks that handle up to 2,000 gallons of waste. This type of equipment is best for use during the slower seasons and can handle average daily jobs; however, for rigorous and difficult jobs, a tank that can hold up to 110 barrels, or 4,500 gallons should be considered. Vehicles such as this can be equipped with a system that can generates a suction of over 6,000 CFM. The one thing that is more important than the vehicle components is the person who will work with the truck. Any operator should be experienced and well-trained so that the all tasks can be properly completed, in safety, and free from any accidents.

Sludge Removal

It is essential to hire a skilled operator to perform waste material removal so that the task will be correctly performed. Prior to use, it is important that truck operators and crew members wear the correct safety gear that is recommended for this vehicle. Upon arrival at a work site, an area should be inspected and all hazard or warning signs placed. Before placing the hose inside the tank, the sludge should be stirred with a muck rake so that any hardened material at the bottom can be broken up to make the pumping easier. If working with fiberglass or plastic containers, be sure that the bottom or the side plug is in place. If it is lost during the operation, it is necessary to replace it to avoid improper drainage.

Once the muck has been stirred, the hose is inserted and the suctioning process can begin. It is important to remember to continuously stir the sludge with the muck rake and move the hose throughout the pumping process to continue to break up any hardened sludge to easily and completely remove all of the waste.

It is also important to remember is to stop periodically throughout the operation to listen and determine if there is any back-spill from the outlet line to the septic tank. If this occurs, it means that the drain field is faulty or is saturated and needs to be replaced.


There are essential components that should be examined when hiring a good septic service company: the quality of services provided and the quality of vehicles being used. Good service is about truck and operator performance during a job, while a high quality vehicle helps to ensure dependability. This is why it is so important for a company to consider business needs when determining which septic trucks for sale are best suited for any demanding projects!

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