When buying septic trucks for sale, it is important to hire knowledgeable, skilled and professional operators who know how to pump a septic tank and inspect them once the job is done. Business for a septic services company could be lost if untrained workers are sent to a job site who can’t even locate the septic tank cover.

Following is some helpful important information about how to properly inspect septic systems.

Work Site Inspection

It is important to be totally familiar with any work site location. The area should be researched by conducting a soil survey involving workers being sent to various parts of the community to take soil samples. This can help determine what tools are needed for perform the actual tasks. Proper permits as required should also be obtained if necessary. All knowledge gained about an area in which work will be performed will ensure that the job is done accurately and safely.

Customer Interview

For a fledgling septic company with recent purchases of septic trucks for sale, to know how a pumping job must be done will certainly require meeting with the customer. Use blueprints of the property to locate the septic tank to know exactly where digging should be done. In a situation where the septic system is not included in the blueprints and an owner does not know that information, a time should be scheduled to do pinpoint the location. Store all data in a safe place for future use.

SEPTIC Inspection

Following are important things to do in the inspection process that can be easily remembered by using “SEPTIC” as an acronym.

  • S – Survey the work site by walking around and looking for evidence of any problems.
  • E – Examine the tank system and observe its contents, including scum, sludge depth, liquid levels, etc.
  • P – Pay attention to any major safety concerns including the water tightness of the tank.
  • T – Test the condition of the baffles during the pumping process.
  • I – Identify the septic tank’s integrity to be certain there is no damage to affect its normal operation.
  • C – Communicate all results clearly to the customer to prepare them for any action that must be taken.

Equipment Inspection

At the end of the day’s activities, all equipment should be thoroughly cleaned and inspected to eliminate any waste material from carrying over to the next day’s work and creating a bad chemical reaction.

Any company looking to purchase any septic trucks for sale must realize the importance of hiring skilled workers who can operate these powerful machines and understand why inspecting a septic system before, during and after pumping is a necessity. With the right equipment and a knowledgeable operator, a company can expect the customer base to increase as well income revenue!

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