Septic_Truck_for_SaleCommon job troubles can happen when it comes to septic system servicing, not all of which are avoidable. Those companies that increase their fleet of trucks by finding good used vehicles with septic truck for sale dealers are able to undertake jobs knowing that the vehicles they have chosen are in good working condition. In spite of such efforts, it is still possible for problems to happen during the actual pumping operation, problems that could leak to damage to customer property. It is important to know that there are various steps that can be taken before and during the operation to minimize the changes of such occurrences.

Preventing Problems

Prior to being any septic system jobs, there are certain steps to consider taking prior to undertaking a specific onsite operation. These activities are essential to prevent any costly but avoidable problems that could happen during the actual septic system servicing.

  • Equipment Preparation – All tools and equipment that will be used for a job should be examined and serviced if necessary. This is essential to keep the entire crew safe from any potential problems.
  • Determine Problem – Planning for the job can only begin with an inspection to the septic system location to determine the problem. These results should be relayed and explained to the client so that there is a clear understanding of the methods and techniques that need to be done.
  • Analyze the Job – Consider all possible problems that could happen on any particular job so that any potential problems can be anticipate and consider in job planning. Examine the property where the work will be done to be aware of any property issues such as flowerbeds, shrubs, and bushes that could be affected by the operation.
  • Plan Job With Client – Communicate with the client, go over the job that is to be done, how it will be handled, what specific techniques and tools will be used in the operation, and present all of this as a proposed plan of action prior to beginning the job.
  • Communication – Provide a customer with relevant contact information in order to answer any questions prior to the start of the operation.
  • Clear Area – Remove all possible hazards such as low-lying tree branches, cars, potted plants, and any other portable items that are in the operation area.
  • Weather Issues – If it is raining or the ground is muddy, consult with property owner as to where the septic truck will need to be placed, including possible damage to any ground that may need to be crossed.
  • Adjustments – If it is not possible to place the pumper truck next to the the septic tank, be sure that the pumping hose is long and large enough to reach to the tank for proper pumping capability.
  • Agreements – Always request that the property owner sign a waiver or hold harmless agreement for any potential problems that could not be avoided to avoid any legal claims and liabilities in case of problems.

Indeed, there are several potential problems that could occur when performing septic service. Although most of the problems that could occur are non-complex, it is important to be proactive and avoid as many difficulties as possible by proper risk assessment ahead of the job. Customer satisfaction is always a priority, so when using a vacuum truck purchased as a pumper truck for sale at a job, following the above listed suggestion will help avoid any difficulties and lead to a successful septic system job!

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