Septic_Trucks_for_SaleWhen deciding which material is right for an underground septic system, there are several substances to consider, including concrete, fiberglass or plastic. Among these three, concrete is the most popular in the United States. Making the wrong choice when purchasing and installing a system will not only cause major environmental problems but also major financial problems as repair costs are estimated to be around $5,000 or more. Those who offer septic trucks for sale know that this is why it is imperative to learn about the materials used to make these tanks and why concrete offers the most advantages and can be the best choice.


There are three popular material choices used in the creation of these tanks; namely, plastic, fiberglass and concrete. The first two are well-known for durability and for being lightweight which makes them easier to transport, especially to areas that are remote and hard-to-reach. Furthermore, manufacturers make these tanks watertight in order to protect the environment. Typically, hydrostatic testing is performed on each of these containers which is done by filling a tank with water and leaving it for 24 hours. If the tank loses one gallon of water, then the structure is rejected; however, if there is no significant change in the water level, then the product has passed the standard quality requirements.


Following are some of major advantages of having a concrete tank for a septic system.

  • Heavy – Most containers that are made of concrete are heavyweight which helps to keep the structure intact and underground, even if there is a flood.
  • Long Lasting – Concrete is very durable, providing an assurance this it will last for years, possibly many decades.
  • Legal – There are some states that prohibit the use of plastic or fiberglass because it so lightweight, which may cause containers to float during a flood; however, concrete can be used in every state.
  • Larger – Depending on the structure, a typical size of 9 by 5 feet can hold up to 1,000 gallons. Concrete tanks can be built much larger than those using other types of material, which means more waste can be held so the tank will not have to be pumped as often by septic trucks for sale.


Just like anything else, concrete septic tanks do have some drawbacks. They are generally difficult to install and may require a crane or other heavy equipment for transportation and set up. Another disadvantage is that leakage can be an issue. Cracks may develop over time because of earth movement and other reasons which are costly to repair as well.


Learning some important information about the advantages and disadvantages of concrete tanks for septic systems such as that provided above is helpful to make a wise purchase choice. It is important to be sure that a concrete tank is pre-cast and correctly installed, which means finding a reputable dealer such as one selling septic trucks for sale that pump out such systems be sure that the installed system is high-quality, Hopefully this article has clearly shown that concrete septic tanks can indeed be a very wise choice in achieving a great septic system!

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