Septic waste is disposed of to prevent contamination and disease that could directly threaten the population by causing the rapid spread of infection and certain disease. The use of a septic truck for sale can safely and properly dispose of septic waste; however, septic truck components can break and allow contents to escape from the tank. Facing such an unwanted event poses great hazards and risks to the surrounding area. Being prepared for a possible septic truck spill is vital to minimize the extent of damage that could occur. Listed below are ways to appropriately respond to problems that could arise during the septic conveyance process.

  • Have Emergency Action Plan – Septic truck workers are susceptible to different types of work-related emergencies. Developing an action plan to address such possibilities and knowing correct application is the best way to prevent such events and minimize the accompanying hazards of destructive spillage.
  • Have Spare Parts – A key factor of a good servicing program is spare parts, as good maintenance alone cannot eliminate unexpected breakdowns. Developing a standard approach by making a list of vital components and having them on hand will help respond immediately to emergencies.
  • Have Emergency Numbers – It is vital to have a list of emergency numbers and keep it visible at all times as during an emergency, it is very easy to become panicked and disoriented. Prepare in advance a list of numbers to call in case of unforeseen events; list the numbers of: the home office; spill response team; Department of Environment Protection; and the nearest hospital.
  • Have Appropriate PPE – Personal Protective Equipment is mandatory for any septic pumping activity. For spills, have on hand water-proof or vinyl gloves; goggles, and water-proof vests and pants as well as antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer.
  • Have a Buddy – Working with a buddy is better than working alone and can help during an emergency spill. An extra worker can help save time, call for a back-up truck to secure the spillage; and help minimize wear and tear and incident-related injuries.
  • Have a Back-Up Truck – Prepare another truck in case of unexpected spills, especially an extra pumping truck to help respond to distress calls and help with the cleaning process quickly.
  • Have a Healthy Relationship with Regulators – Being honest and developing a sound connection with regulators can help provide superior services as developed trust and confidence can be very helpful during bad times. Establishing an open line of communication with regulators can lead to gratifying dialogue regarding necessary help during an unexpected spillage.

Part of providing excellent quality service is to respond appropriately to unexpected occurrences. The components of a septic truck for sale can unexpectedly break and cause the contents to spill, making it vital to know how to act appropriately. On the other hand, spillage preparedness could be the key to keep the extent of damage to a minimum and is a better way to respond to unanticipated situations. By taking note of the tips highlighted above, the safe and productive transportation of septic waste can be efficiently achieved!

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