A vacuum truck is a vacuum truck, in that they all -- vacuum. Other than that one detail, these trucks can actually be quite different. Depending on what a truck will be used for, vacuum truck buyers need to know what is available to them, and which trucks will best suit their needs. This is especially important for those who purchase reconditioned vacuum trucks and used vacuum trucks for sale. Buyers should know exactly what is being offered, both for completing the job and in order to get their money’s worth.

Different Types of Vacuum Trucks

Many vacuum trucks for sale are able to do a variety of jobs. But there are many circumstances where  equipment specifically designed for a certain use comes out ahead, and will probably last longer as well. Outside of the standard, general use vacuum truck, buyers of both new and reconditioned vacuum trucks for sale can find options such as the following for more specific work:

  • Positive-Displacement Truck – This is a heavy-duty type of vacuum truck, with a powerful positive displacement pump that is especially suited for heavy work - like hydroexcavation.
  • Blower/Vac Combination – This truck provides the ability to suction and pump with the same truck, including two separate tanks for waste and clean water, among other options. It is commonly used in hydro-excavating and sewer cleaning operations.
  • Long Body Loader – These are high-powered vacuum trucks that offer the ability to separate suctioned debris as it is vacuumed up, depositing it into separate tanks.
  • All-weather Vacuum Truck – These are heavy-duty vacuum trucks equipped with special seals and equipment to prevent contents from freezing in the coldest of weather. They typically include a heated clean water tank and a built-in boiler, among other weatherproof equipment for reliable use in the negative digits.

Tank and Pump Options

Based on the job, vacuum tanks and pumps differ as well. Naturally the main differences in these components are tank size and pump volume and size; but other than the standard vacuum type, other options are available for specialty work. A few of these specialty tanks include septic and grease tanks specifically constructed to withstand the rigors of carrying heavy and corrosive materials, and square, low-profile tanks that fit the cargo beds of pickups and other types of trucks.

Where pumps are concerned, vacuum truck owners in need of special equipment can find everything from liquid cooled pumps - for especially heavy work or vacuuming heavy material over longer distances, to fan cooled, continuous running pumps - for high volume pumping. Where installation space is limited, compact pumps or inline drive pumps can replace standard, right angle mounted pumps. For those situations requiring ongoing use, there are continuous-duty pumps that can stand up to longer periods of pumping without being damaged.

Other Custom Equipment

There are many other accessories and equipment options truck buyers can also consider when building the best vacuum truck. Heavy-duty, high pressure, continuous-use blowers can withstand much more abuse than some standard blowers that are stock on some vac/blower trucks. Heated valve collars are great for trucks used in cold weather. Extra duty filters can mean money well spent for pump protection. Pressure washer hose attachments, truck vibrators and truck mounted disinfectant sprayer systems are just a few more types of custom equipment that can be installed on any vacuum truck.

Even though most any vacuum truck can conceivably be used for any job, smart buyers of vacuum trucks for sale want to spend their budget on the right truck. Making do with equipment that is not powerful enough, or lacks some accessories that could improve performance only costs more money in the end. When choosing from used and reconditioned vacuum trucks for sale, buyers should consider each truck’s specific components first. Make sure the entire package is sufficient for the job intended. This will reduce maintenance and repair costs, while getting the most out of every equipment dollar spent, in performance and efficiency!

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