Owners of vacuum tank trucks must spend a lot of time keeping truck pumps clean and in good working order, since these parts are the heart of vacuum trucks. The actual tanks on these vehicles are often overlooked during the cleaning process, yet it is so important to keep tanks clean and need special care to prevent premature corrosion. When a fleet truck buyer is working with the best vacuum tank trucks company – including oilfield vacuum tank trucks dealers, they should always consider what kind of care a used truck received, including the tanks and the rest of the unit.

Importance of Tank Interiors

Depending on how equipment with vacuum tanks is used, tanks may be exposed to materials that can cause damage and corrosion, depending on how they are built. After time, corrosion can destroy the inside of the tank, which means it is essential to protect the metal with some type of anti-corrosive coating. Most tanks are sprayed with a protective coating at the factory. Unfortunately, that coating does not last forever, as it is not strong enough to withstand the corrosive properties of chemicals carried inside the tank.

It is important that vacuum tank truck companies ensure tanks are cleaned frequently, with special attention to the existing coating’s status, as forgetting about this may allow corrosion to start, which is then hard to control. Replacing the tank on a truck is possible, but difficult and expensive, so prevention is always the best answer.

Tank Interior Protective Coatings

Dealers who sell oilfield vacuum tank trucks know that most tanks are coated at the factory with a preparation designed to seal the metal to prevent tank corrosion. Unfortunately, with typical wear and tear, tank coatings wear off and may prematurely separate or peel off if tank surfaces are not properly prepared at application.

In any case, companies that own vacuum tank trucks may need to apply additional protection to tank interiors. Following are some of the materials owners and dealers of vacuum tank trucks have had success with:

  • Spray-On Marine or Fluid Coatings – These are commercial coating products similar to those used when tanks come through production lines. To choose the right one, it is important to know what materials will be carried inside the tank so that the coating is durable enough.

  • Spray-On Bedliner Products – Because these products are made with PVC and other durable materials, they are long-lasting and flexible, making them ideal tank coatings.

  • Foundation Tar – When spread on the interior of vacuum tanks, foundation tar also provides a durable coating that is long-lasting and flexible.

When applying protective coatings inside vacuum truck tanks, it is essential the surface be adequately prepared. This can be done in a variety of ways – including sandblasting and chemical preparations. Some products also require priming before application. Owners of vacuum tank trucks can perform these type of tank restorations themselves, as can oilfield vacuum tank trucks dealers and other services that repair vacuum trucks and tanks. The best vacuum tank trucks companies know the best ways to protect truck tanks, and can help a vacuum truck service in their quest to properly maintain those expensive truck tanks!

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