Vacuum Excavation – Where It Has Been And Where It Is Going!

Vacuum Trucks

Although excavating with vacuum trucks has been done since the 1950's, it is still gaining popularity as a safe and effective ground construction technique. Many construction and utility services have come to depend on these specialty trucks in a number of ways that continues to grow.

Excavator vac trucks [...]

PTO’s – The Role of Transmissions and Rotation!

Vacuum Trucks

When searching the vacuum truck sales lots for a unit to purchase, one of the critical elements to consider is what type of PTO is on the truck. The PTO or Power Take Off on vacuum trucks is what allows them to convert engine power into equipment power.

This [...]

Vacuum Excavators – Finding Jobsite Versatility!

Vacuum Trucks

Specialty vacuum trucks such as air excavators are the perfect choice for trenching, which is one of the most common usages for these machines. Yet even when needed, these vac trucks for sale can be pricey which makes it important to keep them actively generating income. To get [...]

Liquid Waste Pros – Choose The Right Truck For Your Job!

Vacuum Trucks

Vacuum trucks are used for a multitude of liquid waste jobs and not just septic work. Naturally, pumping various materials in different environments creates a number of challenges. Before investing in any vacuum trucks for sale, a company should have a good idea of the specialty options available in order to [...]

Recycle JetVac – Clean The Water Don’t Just Filter It!

Vacuum Trucks

One of the biggest concerns with the use of jet vacuum trucks is their substantial use of water. In a time when clean water is becoming such a precious commodity, water consumption is now a prime concern for companies who purchase vacuum trucks for sewer cleaning and related uses. [...]

The Financial Advantages of Leasing Vacuum Trucks!

Vacuum Trucks

Specialized equipment such as vacuum trucks is very expensive. Financing vacuum trucks for sale can be one of the main hurdles for smaller companies who are looking to build or expand a work fleet. One option that might be beneficial for some is leasing. Equipment leases offer both small and [...]